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It’s funny how words, ideas, entire paragraphs come to my head exactly when I have nothing to write around… And then, when I finally sit down and try to remember everything there’s nothing but a big blank left 🙂

I was thinking the other day that hoping and having a positive attitude are the best things that a person can do. Even when there is something wrong in your life there is no point in thinking about the negative parts. I think the most important thing is to analyze the facts, find out what went wrong and find good ways of it. There’s this saying that ‘There’s no use crying over spilled milk”… Quite true, even if you take it literally. Imagine that you spilled a glass of milk and instead of immediately getting something to clean it off, you start worrying and even crying… The point here is that it’s better to clean the mess instead of creating a bigger one.

I really do believe that crying is a good reliever sometimes, but if you overdo it, you lose the essence of the entire process. It becomes a habit, instead of a way to let out your anger and sadness. So cry whenevr you feel like it, there’s no shame at all. Just remember that crying is no use if it doesn’t help you (as a person, not your personal interest) in any way.

Positive thinking improved my life. I started to see myself as a better person, I started to notice my qualities and get a new perception on life. Now I know that we get something from each small thing that goes wrong in our life: experience, strength, knowledge, courage, even hope.

Get the most out of everything and make the best of your past be the worst of your future 🙂


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